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Lessons from the Institute of Empathy

Sat Mar 31 2018 – Ongoing

Seattle Art Museum

Fourth Floor Galleries

Three Empathics have moved into the Seattle Art Museum and established a virtual space where you can step outside your normal, routine self and improve your ability to understand others. If you wonder about your empathic abilities, you are not alone. Empathy—the ability to understand the experiences of others—is a skill that’s said to have eroded in the modern world. The result is Empathy Deficit Disorder (EDD).

Here, the Empathics display their trademarked process for transformation—absorbing vapors that spread digitally on the walls and floor.

Surrounding this showroom is art the Empathics selected because they felt it could awaken empathy in the viewer. To help you see what they see, they prepared a brief introduction, shown on the monitor nearby.