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Past Event

Ginny Ruffner: Poetic Hybrids

Thu Sep 1 2016

Seattle Art Museum

Brotman Forum

2 PM – 8 PM

Join Seattle-based artist Ginny Ruffner and her team, including major collaborator Grant Kirkpatrick, as they stage the artistic intervention Poetic Hybrids at the Seattle Art Museum.

Originally inspired by interviews with genetic research scientists, Ruffner’s Poetic Hybrids are holographic sculptures created and modified in real time using viewer input in a two-day event in the Brotman Forum.

Ruffner began the project by compiling a list of words scientists used when describing their reasons for becoming a scientist, their motivations, and what they find beautiful in their research. During the intervention at SAM, viewers will be invited to select two of these evocative and ephemeral entities—including such varied ideas as “discovery,” “patterned,” and “giggling”—to be hybridized by the team of artists. Rapidly designing, modeling, and building each virtual hybrid, the artists will deploy the finished holographic sculptures to pedestals in the forum where they can be both viewed and further altered by visitors using augmented reality.

Profoundly collaborative, Poetic Hybrids challenges the traditional understanding of art-making by crowd-sourcing in both inspiration and creation.


This event is free and open to the public.
Image: Poetic Hybrids sample, 2016, Ginny Ruffner, Courtesy of the artist.