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Everyday Poetics

Sat Nov 18 2017 – Sun Jun 17 2018

Seattle Art Museum

Third Floor Galleries

The objects of daily life often go unnoticed, but if they are transformed we can begin to observe their distinct aesthetic qualities. Many contemporary artists in Central and South America draw on everyday materials for their assemblages, sculptures, and installations—from dust cloths and measuring sticks, soda cans and cleaning mops, cardboard packaging, and even the scratch marks of lottery tickets. Their alterations and surprise pairings of repurposed items transform the mundane into poetic ballads. Within these improvised arrangements with poignant titles lie suggestive comments about history, society, the environment, work, and human nature.

Artists in this intimate exhibition include Adriano Costa (Brazil), Alexandre da Cunha (Brazil), Marilá Dardot (Brazil), Sonia Gomes (Brazil), Cildo Meireles (Brazil), Los Carpinteros (Cuba), Abraham Cruzvillegas (Mexico), Fritzia Irízar (Mexico), Moris (Mexico), Gabriel Orozco (Mexico), and William Cordova (Peru). All works are generously lent by Seattle collectors Dennis Braddock and Janice Niemi.

Image: Sandalia, 2004, Los Carpinteros, Cuban, b. 1969–71, pigmented and clear urethane rubbers, 12 ¾ x 5 ¾ x 2 ½ in. each, image courtesy of USF Graphicstudio, Tampa, Florida, © All Rights Reserved, Photo: Will Lytch.