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Past Event

Drop-in Studio: Art Exposure

Aug 12 2018

Seattle Art Museum

Chase Open Studio

11 AM – 1 PM

In the spirit of Double Exposure: Edward S. Curtis, Marianne Nicolson, Tracy Rector, Will Wilson, SAM hosts weekly drop-in art studio sessions for all ages! This session features artist RYAN! Feddersen, who created the Post Human Archive, a conceptual interactive art experience in the education space for Double Exposure. Join us in the studio where she will guide visitors through conceptual development exercises to create a symbolic prop. Visitors will create their prop using craft materials and can be photographed with it in the gallery to contribute a unique series of contemporary self-portraits to the Post Human Archive.

Presented by

Sponsored by
RealNetworks Foundation

Image: Post Human Archive, detail, 2018, Printed backdrop for interactive installation, Photo courtesy of the artist.