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Past Event

Wyeth Film Sprint: Kickoff Session

Oct 25 2017

Seattle Art Museum

Brotman Forum

7 PM – 9 PM

Exploring the cinematic influence of Andrew Wyeth's work, SAM invites local filmmakers to create a short film inspired by Wyeth's paintings in a weeklong sprint. At the Kickoff Session filmmakers will be given the need-to-know details to be included in each film.

Participating filmmakers will have exactly one week to develop, create, and submit their short films. A team representative must be present at this Kickoff Session in order to participate. This is where you’ll learn the necessary elements that must be included in your film, including selecting one of the preapproved images of Wyeth paintings to be included in your film.

A panel of judges will review all final submissions and award selected films with prizes for Jury’s Pick and Wyeth’s Pick, each worth $500. At the public screening on November 8, there will be an additional Audience Pick award also worth $500.

Learn more and register your team!


Oct 25

Wyeth Film Sprint: Kickoff Session

Nov 1

Films due

Nov 8

Wyeth Film Sprint: Screening

Image: Terrence Malick filming Days of Heaven, inspired by the paintings of Andrew Wyeth, Photo: Paramount Pictures/Photofest