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Past Event

Yoni Ki Baat

Mar 23 2018

Asian Art Museum


7 PM – 9 PM

This event takes place at Seattle University, Pigott Hall.

Yoni Ki Baat is a growing collection of authentic, bold and poignant stories narrated by South Asian women. Every year is a new production. Held with Tasveer as part of the 13th-annual Aaina Festival.

Aaina, which in Hindi/Urdu means mirror, celebrates and focuses on artistic work of and about South Asian women. Tasveer launched Aaina in March 2006. Aaina includes film, visual and performance art, speakers, and conversations aimed at highlighting issues relevant to South Asian women. The spotlight event of Aaina is Yoni Ki Baat, a South Asian adaptation of the Vagina Monologues that is directed by a local South Asian woman.


206.442.8480 [email protected]

Photo: Abhishek Kulkarni